The Palio of San Nicola

An ancient medieval village that dominates the Conero Riviera and the Adriatic Sea from an altitude of 125 meters above sea level. One of the longest-standing holders of the Blue Flag, with 30 flags, an important recognition awarded by the Fee Foundation for 37 years. In the heart of the town, large green areas and paths extend to reach Monte Conero or the wild beaches of the Riviera.

This is Sirolo, the Pearl of the Adriatic.

Beyond its natural beauty, there is more: history.

The center of Sirolo retains much of the urban structure of the ancient castle built in the 7th century, perched on the sea, of which today the village and two towers remain. Built for defensive purposes against invasions by barbarians and pirates, it was later incorporated into the defensive system of the Castles of Ancona thanks to its particular layout with its grid street system, alleys, towers, and imposing walls. In the medieval period, Sirolo became an impregnable fortress and one of the most important meeting places for monastic orders seeking refuge from persecution.

X edition of the traditional contest between the districts of Sirolo.

May 9 is San Nicola Day, and on the occasion of the celebrations for its Patron Saint, the Palio of San Nicola di Bari is held in Sirolo.

The town is divided into 11 districts for a festival dedicated to both adults and children, with drummers, flag bearers, ladies and knights in costume, entertainment, and numerous craft stalls.

The dual event is scheduled for Saturday, May 11, and Sunday, May 12, in Sirolo, at the foot of Monte Conero.

It takes place in two parts: the contest of the districts and the contest of the “canaja.”

The first is a relay race involving the adult inhabitants of the eleven districts; the contest of the “canaja,” on the other hand, features the youngest participants, aged 11 to 13.

District festivals are the perfect opportunity to get to know the true spirit of a city.

Sirolo is not just a seaside destination or a picturesque village to visit on Sundays; it is a guardian of traditions so important that they are still respected and promoted today.

For those who want to experience every moment and adventure, we also have vacation homes here, just a stone’s throw from the natural wonders for which it is famous and appreciated.

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