Pet friendly Holiday.

Cane che riposa

Reconciling holidays with the need to take care of your pets is no longer an impossible task.

37.7% of Italians have at least one pet in their family and Italy is in the top ten of the most pet-friendly countries, even a leader if you look at the classification parameters relating to hospitality.

A survey published in 2022 by the National Animal Protection Body in view of the climax of the summer holidays showed that 78.5% of owners have decided to bring their four-legged friend with them, while 21.5% have preferred to leave it at home.

For 43.2% of the latter, the choice was motivated by the desire not to subject them to the stress of travel, while for 21.9% it depended on difficulties with accommodation facilities.

Our team has always been sensitive to the subject and periodically enriches the already extensive catalog of holiday homes with many suitable solutions to accommodate and satisfy even those who cannot or do not want to be separated from their pet.

In addition to responding to this increasingly evident need, our agency takes care of animal welfare through concrete and constant support to organizations dedicated to their protection.

Among the closest is the Melampo di Fano Association, which currently manages the municipal kennel and cat shelter, for twenty years on the front line against abandonment and mistreatment.

But fued’s commitment also goes beyond regional borders, reaching as far as Sicily, in particular in Santa Margherita del Belice, where the Ohana Oasis has been offering shelter and care to strays for the past ten years.

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