The beauty of Conero at the table.

Piatto di Cozze del Conero

The Conero Riviera reflects the food and wine heritage of an entire territory. The wealth passes from the hills to the sea and vice versa, through traditional recipes and villages that celebrate the variants. From the hinterland come the vincisgrassi, the crescia or the donuts of must. The maritime tradition gives as many typical. Like the cod in the anconitana. Or like brodetto: from Ancona to Porto Recanati of brodetti there are several – tradition says that there is one for each port – each with a secret. From Pietralacroce di Ancona to Sassi Neri di Sirolo instead is fished, not bred, the wild mosciolo, not simply mussel or mussel, but unique peculiarities, slow food presidium.

Then there is the Rosso Conoero, an ancient wine that tells the Mediterranean maquis. The vine grew on calcareous soil, a microclimate in balance between the power of the sun and the constant breath of the sea, the strong excursion. Conditions that give Montepulciano grapes a unique character and make this wine an ally of prestige of a valuable cuisine. Since 2004 there are two sons of the same DOC area: Rosso Conero DOC and Conero DOCG. The first can also be served fresh, the second is a more complex variant and superior quality, which best represents all the potential of this particular area of the Marche.

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