Land of culture and ancient civilizations.

Chiesa del Conero

In addition to its natural riches, the Conero Riviera offers an enviable cultural heritage. The Antiquarium Statale di Numana gives valuable evidence thanks to the findings of the ancient Piceno necropolis found in the excavation campaign conducted between the sixties and seventies. The more than five hundred burials brought to light confirm that the area in the protohistoric era was the most important center of the Piceno. Of particular note is the “Tomb of the Queen” – the end of the sixth century B.C. – from which comes the rich funerary kit with Attic pottery, bronze artifacts, ivory and amber jewelry.

At the Archaeological Museum of the Marche in Ancona there is another exceptional find, the “Head of the warrior of Numana”, which belonged to a monumental funerary statue that indicated the tomb of an important figure, recognized as a warrior leader for the conical helmet, a sign of distinction and social identification. The head, made of local limestone, is dated between the middle and the end of the seventh century B.C. and was accidentally found in 1892 near Numana, in Ripe of S. Anna. It is one of the most famous finds of the picena civilization.

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