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Fued Immobiliare has always worked from an optimistic perspective, drawing from the experience linked to the area of the Conero Riviera, characterized by significant attractive potential. We are convinced that residential remains a fundamental segment for the sector, even if the possibilities of accessing property ownership have partially reduced due to a complex macroeconomic framework. In fact, 2023 is closing with a decline in the main Italian cities, due to inflation and higher interest rates compared to a year ago.

Beyond the data, changes are underway in the use of spaces, the concept of living is evolving and generating new trends in demand. Buying a house means satisfying a present need while looking to the future. A property is a tangible asset with a personal emotional dimension, a space to live in, but also a financial asset, an investment to be made. In each of the two cases it is necessary to identify the best conditions, and we know how to do it. The experience and expertise we have gained in the tourist rental market make the opportunities for a sale more concrete. We have built a solid infrastructure and are working to expand it by tackling new territorial areas. Our horizons are renewed every day, but the method does not change. The priority remains the relationship with our customers, the trust that keeps us bound. And whatever their objectives, we are able to achieve them by offering complete assistance, before, during and after each operation.

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