Growing ambitions.

Fued Case Riviera del Conero grafica

Summer 2023 has just come to an en. Thanks to a solid corporate structure and the quality of services, a professional team and a network of qualified collaborators, our team fued has managed to contain the drop in attendees that affected the Marche tourism sector. Although the data is not definitive yet, the trend has seemed clear since the months of June and July, heralding a decline between 15 and 25%. After the record numbers recorded in 2022 it was legitimate to expect something more, but the factors that influenced the progress of this season were different and each and everyone decisive in its own way. First of all, the Italian user base has decreased, after having preferred holidays at home following the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, this year they preferred to go abroad. The rest was done by general increases due to inflation, bad weather with sea storms and low temperatures at the start of the season.

Net of the general trend, for us the glass remains half full. The decrease in tourists was lower than the general average and our ambitions are growing. This year we have refined the accommodation proposal and broadened our range of action: we launched a new office in Numana to  welcome the owners of holiday homes and our commercial partners; we have opened a new office in the historic center of Senigallia to start offering our services to tourists and owners eager to enhance their holiday homes, entrusting us with advertising, operational management and all administrative obligations. We smile towards the future with optimism, ready to improve and grow further, aware that the next few months will be fundamental to best prepare for 2024.

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