Regional Identification Code. What it is and what it is for.

Casa bianca stilizzata circondata da piccoli dadi in legno con simboli ed una lente di ingrandimento

The latest amendments made by the Legislative Assembly to the Consolidated Text of the regional rules on tourism have updated several legal provisions for which it was necessary to align with the Italian and European regulatory framework, and adapting to new trends in the tourist market. This sector, more than any other, is subject to constant change and to the stimulus of renewal dictated by demand, both national and international.

With the resolution n. 193 of 22 February 2021, the Marche Region has established the Regional Identification Code (C.I.R.). A measure that is issued only to non-hotel accommodation registered in the register that have completed all the legal obligations. Among the types of accommodation provided for by the regional law there are also “apartments furnished for tourist use” (art.32).

How is the Regional Identification Code assigned to the structures entered in the register? The regularization path provides for the presentation of the CIA/SCIA to the SUAP of the territorially competent municipality, registration at the police station of competence to receive the credentials of the site “Alloggiatiweb”, finally accreditation in the Region in order to communicate prices, openings and receive credentials for the tourist flow management system (called Istrice Ross1000).

What is the use of the C.I.R.? To protect consumers and competition, to improve the tourist offer and to reduce the uneven one. The advertising, promotion and marketing of the offer of the accommodation facilities entered in the register must indicate the appropriate identification code of each accommodation unit in order to simplify the checks by the competent authorities.

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